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Are you concerned about the increasing rates of diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's, cancer, and autoimmune disease? While the current model of healthcare is great for emergencies or accidents, it is not working well to decrease these chronic conditions.  Often, patients are seen and treated as if each problem was separate from the others...and many treatments focused on the symptoms, rather than resolving the root causes.  In this model of care, many people continue to live with chronic ill health. Over the last few decades, an entirely different model has emerged.  Functional Medicine seeks out the root causes of illness and chronic symptoms.   Treatments are based on scientific evidence and tailored to the individual's unique needs. This model of care addresses the whole person and his environment, to support the body's innate healing capacity.  A whole-foods, nutrient-dense diet is one pillar of this approach.

What's New?

The Human Longevity Project

May 12, 2018 | No Comments

Did you know there are certain populations around the globe who live long, happy, healthy lives into their 90’s and beyond, virtually free of chronic disease? Want to learn the secrets of the world’s healthiest populations? Join me in watching The Human Longevity Project – LIVE NOW! Reserve your spot for free. Register here today.

Curious about Keto?

May 3, 2018 | No Comments

The GREATEST health discovery of this century may ALREADY be inside your body… And, it’s one of the MOST SEARCHED words on the internet today, for good reason. “KETO.” Ketones. Keto diet. Ketogenic lifestyle. Ketones help you burn fat for energy, powerfully reduce inflammation and show promise in preventing and eradicating diabetes, cancer, autoimmune and […]

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