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Our Mission


We believe that the body was designed with an innate healing capacity, for which a whole foods diet and good daily habits are essential. Our mission is to promote the health and wellness of the whole person, so that people are enabled to live out their purpose. We educate on diet, nutrition and non-invasive therapies that are backed by science. We provide wholesome baked goods that are hand-crafted, using only gluten-free whole grains.

A New Approach

Have you struggled with your health? Are you frustrated with the typical healthcare options? The increasing rates of diabetes, obesity, cancer, autoimmune disease and Alzheimer’s reveal that conventional medicine cannot resolve these chronic conditions.  But, there is hope and there are answers! It is our privilege to help you create a solid foundation for health, starting with the choices that you make each day.  Learn more about our consultations.

Learning Opportunity

Did you know that heart disease is the #1 cause of death for American women?  Discover how the symptoms  in women differ from men, and why treatment needs to be different as well.  Catch the encore replay, February 16 – 17. 

                                                                                                 Women's Heart Health Summit

Learn from doctors and researchers about everyday exposures that depress the immune system and the best ways to support and balance immunity.

Immune Defense Summit

Join Dr Michele Sands and other experts to learn why women are experiencing perimenopause at younger ages. This issue goes far beyond reproductive health to affect heart health, the brain, bones, body composition, mood and energy.

Perimenopause Summit