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A New Approach

Are you concerned about the increasing rates of diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's, cancer, and autoimmune disease? While the current model of healthcare is great for emergencies or accidents, it is not working well to decrease these chronic conditions.  Often, patients are seen and treated as if each problem was separate from the others...and many treatments are focused on the symptoms.  In this model of care, many people continue to live with chronic ill health. In recent decades, an entirely different model has emerged.  Functional Medicine seeks out the root causes of illness and chronic symptoms.  Treatments target imbalance in the immune system, the gut and detox pathways. This model of care addresses the whole person, to support the body's innate healing capacity.  A whole-foods, nutrient-dense diet is one pillar of this approach.

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Diet and Cancer

Aug 7, 2018 | No Comments

There is ample evidence that food and lifestyle factors play a significant role in cancer risk, yet many doctors and oncologists do not address these factors with their patients.  And worse, some oncologists will go so far as to say, “diet has nothing to do with your cancer treatment.” For those who ask, “Should I […]

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