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Our Mission


We believe that the body was designed with an innate healing capacity, for which a whole foods diet and good daily habits are essential. Our mission is to promote the health and wellness of the whole person, so that people are enabled to live out their purpose. We educate on diet, nutrition and non-invasive therapies that are backed by science. We provide wholesome baked goods that are hand-crafted, using only gluten-free whole grains.

A New Approach

Have you struggled with your health? Are you frustrated with the typical healthcare options? The increasing rates of diabetes, obesity, cancer, autoimmune disease and Alzheimer’s reveal that conventional medicine cannot resolve these chronic conditions.  But, there is hope and there are answers! It is our privilege to help you create a solid foundation for health, starting with the choices that you make each day.  Learn more about our consultations.

Learning Opportunity

Join Lyme disease expert Dr Jay Davidson and other Functional Medicine practitioners for the best protocol to deal with this difficult, chronic infection. Learn about testing options and why tests can miss the presence of organisms that cause Lyme. This is the third year that Dr Jay has provided this series on Lyme, from his experience in helping many people overcome the debilitating symptoms. This is a great resource for anyone with a Lyme diagnosis!

Best of Chronic Lyme Disease Summit

Learn from doctors and Functional Medicine practitioners who are helping people heal the root causes that allow cancer to develop. Join experts like Dr. Veronique Desaulniers on breast cancer, Dr. Jockers on fasting, Dr. Dan Pompa on detoxification, and Dr. Jill Carnahan, who has survived cancer and brings hope and healing in her busy functional medicine practice. The series is also free to view June 17-23.

Anti-Cancer Revolution

Another great opportunity to join Dr Jay Davidson and other agile thinkers in the medical community, to understand how viruses and retroviruses impact the immune system, elevate cancer risk and are a root cause of chronic illness. This event is coming July 1st.

Viral and Retroviral Summit