Advanced Probiotics: Bacillus Research Update

In our previous article on spore bacteria, we presented highlights of clinical research on the strains of Bacillus bacteria in Just Thrive© probiotic:  Increase gut microbiome diversity Produce carotenoids in the GI tract Heat and pH stable, surviving stomach acid Colonize the intestine for 3 weeks (rather than passing through) Produce B vitamins and K2 […]

Autoimmune Solutions

Autoimmune diseases are increasing at an alarming rate, currently impacting millions of people globally. A recent systematic review of research from the past 30 years reveals a higher prevalence of autoimmunity in westernized countries. In particular, the US, Israel, the Netherlands and Sweden have seen the highest increases in rheumatic conditions, inflammatory bowel disease and […]

Next Generation Probiotics: Bacillus

Found throughout the environment in soil and water, Bacillus bacteria are gram-positive, rod-shaped and form spores.  While the Bacillus family includes a few pathogenic strains, the large majority of are not harmful. Bacillus bacteria have a history of use in traditionally fermented foods, such as natto and iru. They also have been used for treating […]

How does Candida affect Health?

Candida is a naturally occurring, yet “opportunistic” fungus. Certain factors contribute to excess growth of Candida:  antibiotic use, chronic stress, a diet high in carbohydrate, sugar, frequent alcohol consumption, use of hormonal birth control, and imbalance of bacteria in the microbiome.  For people who struggle with fungal overgrowth, it is never just one issue. When […]