Advanced Probiotics: Bacillus Research Update

In our previous article on spore bacteria, we presented highlights of clinical research on the strains of Bacillus bacteria in Just Thrive¬© probiotic:  Increase gut microbiome diversity Produce carotenoids in the GI tract Heat and pH stable, surviving stomach acid Colonize the intestine for 3 weeks (rather than passing through) Produce B vitamins and K2 […]

Next Generation Probiotics: Bacillus

Found throughout the environment in soil and water, Bacillus bacteria are gram-positive, rod-shaped and form spores. ¬†While the Bacillus family includes a few pathogenic strains, the large majority of are not harmful. Bacillus bacteria have a history of use in traditionally fermented foods, such as natto and iru. They also have been used for treating […]