Gut Health, Brain Health

Yes, gut health and brain health are linked!  In fact, the gut has been referred to as “the second brain.”  Technically called the enteric nervous system, many people are surprised to find out that the gut brain contains millions of neurons, more neurons than the spinal cord.

Today on the Alzheimer’s Summit, Dr Dale Bredesen reveals that poor gut health is one of the key factors leading to inflammation and cognitive decline.  Dr Bredesen has developed protocols to successfully treat patients with different forms of dementia, by finding and addressing the root cause. In the interview, Dr Bredesen highlights several factors that contribute to cognitive decline:

  • Gut dysbiosis and hyper-permeability (aka “leaky gut”)
  • Toxicity (heavy metals, mercury amalgams)
  • Chronic infections (Lyme spirochetes, Herpes HSV-1, and oral bacteria migration)
  • Inhalation toxicity (including mycotoxins)
  • Glucose toxicity (high blood sugar, glycated proteins, insulin resistance)

Purchase the series and listen to the full interview.Alzheimers and Dementia Summit

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