How does Candida affect Health?

Candida is a naturally occurring, yet “opportunistic” fungus. Certain factors contribute to excess growth of Candida:  antibiotic use, chronic stress, a diet high in carbohydrate, sugar, frequent alcohol consumption, use of hormonal birth control, and imbalance of bacteria in the microbiome.  For people who struggle with fungal overgrowth, it is never just one issue. When […]

Is Your Home Contributing to Health Problems?

The Environmental Working Group reports that indoor air is 2 to 5 times more toxic than the air outside.  Toxins commonly found in homes include PBDEs (flame retardants), VOCs including formaldehyde, phthalates and perfluorinated chemicals (nonstick cookware). If your home contains sources of toxins, it is very difficult to maintain your health.  Making sure the […]

Natural Strategy for Allergy Relief

Natural Strategy for Allergy Relief

We welcome the signs of spring, as trees blossom and bright flowers pop out of the ground.  For some of us, these beautiful changes trigger seasonal allergies that are downright miserable, sneezing, sniffling, sinus congestion and itchy eyes.  Allergy symptoms correlate directly to the level of histamine in the body, which is a normal part of […]

Diabetes is Reversible

The Diabetes Summit is a webinar series hosted by Brian Mowll, a certified diabetes educator and founder of SweetLife Health Center in Wilmington, DE.   It’s a great opportunity to empower yourself by understanding the causes of diabetes and how it can be prevented or reversed.  Though the number of people with diabetes is skyrocketing, it […]

Reliance on Antihistamines is Risky

For those who suffer with seasonal allergies, the sinus pressure, nasal drip, itchy eyes and sneezing interferes with daily tasks.  As such, the habit of antihistamine use is pretty common.   However, solid research points to risks with regular use of certain antihistamines. First generation antihistamines, like Benedryl, may have long-term consequences because the effects in […]